Interviews with Johns

Why do men seek out prostitutes? Johns reveal why. Anonymous. Interested in being interviewed for this project? Submit an email.

Nov 5

The Teacher

Are you single, in a relationship, or married?


What is your job?


How many times have you visited escorts?

Probably 20-30 times over the last 10 yrs

What was your first experience with an escort?

I answered an ad on an escort site. This was before Craigslist or Backpage. She was an olde lady in a trailer park who walked me through the process. It was fun, but not hot. I forgot to pay her I was so on edge. I drove back to give her the money and she was really nice about that too.

Why do/did you seek out escorts?

Stress relief

What’s the relationship between your work and visiting escorts?

None? I hope I don’t end up with a former student.

How much money have you spent on escorts?

I’m going to say probably about 1200 over the last decade.  The price around here has dropped a bit. I can usually find a girl for between 65-80 nowadays.

What’s the biggest misconception about johns/escorts?

That we’re perverts.

Do you think prostitution should be legal?


Why did you agree to be interviewed?